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Time travel

2011-06-26 22:00:36 by dicai

You know what I would do if I travel back in time and see my younger old self? I would shout at him, and telling he's a stupid boy. Every time I see in retrospective I recall myself being an idiot. That sucks.

(Yeah, paradoxes aplenty, but who cares - I achieved my life's goal: kick my own ass.)

And why did I brought it up right now? I saw a BBS post where I was such a douche that it ashamed me that once upon a time I was that kid.

USA elections...

2008-10-16 22:32:02 by dicai

As I am from another country, I can't stand USA election time... all the sites in the internet talk about Obama, McCain, the bitchy Palin and who-knows-who-he-is Biden... and I really, really don't care...

But until elections are over, I'll have to put through it... and watch videos making fun of Palin...that woman is crazy...

USA elections...

New post!

2008-08-02 01:55:28 by dicai

I thought I had the same news post for too long, so i'm posting a random one now, because I don't want to keep reading the same...

Si hablan español, bienvenidos no hablan español, ni siquiera se como van a leer esto!!



2008-03-09 23:22:46 by dicai

I finally got some of my work to Newgrounds!! My first attempt resulted in a blam, this second time, I finally got something approved! Now I got 3 audio submissions and one Flash!! That's really great!


2007-12-24 15:29:39 by dicai

Christmas in the southern hemisphere it's different from yours, bitches! We have a temperature that at least 28º C! Damn hot! AND WE STILL BELIEVE THAT SANTA CLAUS(Papá Noel, in our case) WILL COME HERE WITH THOSE FURRY CLOTHES! after this open letter of criticism to my culture... I wish all you Newgrounders a Merry Christmas!


how long...

2007-12-01 20:28:57 by dicai

I started to miss NG, I had like a 4 month break! But now I'm back, but I can't tell exactly how long I will stay here, because I'm not to excited with this...see ya NGers(please do not confuse that nigers,ok?)


2007-09-04 18:19:12 by dicai

Viruses are well known for breaking down system showing the Blue Screen Of The Dead, but the point i want to reach is that...why people make viruses? For show to your friends that you can use a PC? Cause you want to enter the hall of fame of the most importants crackers( please don't confuse them with Hackers, Hackers are good, crackers not, ok?)?. I'm writing this because I got a horrible virus that any of my Antiviruses or anti malware don't find, and I suffering...

PD: I came back from a vacation...It wasn't a vacation, It was just a break from Newgrounds, because I'm getting pissed off with the other users...Thanks for reading, Mr. Whoever-you-are-behind-the-screen!

Bad ass teachers

2007-08-26 21:06:21 by dicai

You have seen them, they are everywhere! Yep, bad ass teachers, the ones that makes your subject impossible at school... that gives you 20 questions for tomorrow.
I have a civism teacher that her name wil be Irma H....too damn obvious...let's call her I. Huertas. I can't stand her, he is the biggest bitch I've ever seen. The first days she had already given us an project work, and a essay about liberalism and comunism.WHY? I liked school before she arrived! But then in the first trimester she approved me, so I thought she wasn't that bad...WRONG! She gave us and impossible project work that made me hate her even more. Now, before her classes I fell like vomiting, damn I.H.


2007-08-23 12:41:04 by dicai

That's right! The Simpson's, the freaking yellow family! And what a success around the world, or at least in my country!
I will start telling the story about how i discovered OFF(Our Favorite Family). When I was a little brat, 6 years i guess, a family member came back from a trip to the USA, and brought me this tiny, plastic molded figurine about some yellow kid called "Bart"...What kind of name was Bart and why they were yellow?

Later, when i was 8 I started watching national TV with a sense of interpretation of different jokes beside the childish ones, and the show I liked so much was The Simpson's but I hid that secret for 4 years until one day in school i found myself retelling word by word most of the episodes, and my friend Lol'ed al time so I started to mix up Simpson's phrases in real life, until the point I laughed to myself just for repeating one of the jokes.

Nowadays, The Simpsons beacme an everyday talk with my friends as Nazis(Yeah we talk about that very often), Splinter Cell, and other GEEK stuff!

Hope you enjoyed the useless blog post, now return to reality...NOW!

Just Great!

2007-08-20 14:57:17 by dicai

After feeling down for many months because of failure in academic and personal life, I'm finally recovered, with the selfestime up to the sky! Next step, get a GF!!!

Now...what do I talk about this in a NG blog that probably no one will read? Because i think it's a good way to express my feeling without paying a stupid therapist...Also, as a reflexive opinion, why normal and sane people now goes to the therapist?It's a trend or what?

And I've got a Friend who desings maps for Medal of Honor Breakthrough, because he's gay